DIY Projects for Cats and Dogs

Book Review: DIY Projects for Cats & Dogs

DIY Projects for Cats & Dogs is a guide to creating “20 Easy-to-build Creations for Your Best Friend.” Illustrated with adorable phots of cats, dogs and projects, it begins with “Practical Basics” including tools and colors, and then dives right in with “Projects For Cats.”

Cat on Radiator Bed
Radiator Cat Bed

First up, a Radiator Cat Bed. Now, living in Southern California where radiators are few and far between, I found this project both fascinating and worrying. The authors include a warning that this should only be used on “hot water” radiators because “electric radiators can overheat and cause a fire if they come in contact with a combustible object.” I guess they are referring to a cat…and that paints a picture I don’t want to think about!

Other projects include a cat post, wall-mounted scratching posts, and a rolling litter box cabinet.

The next section includes “Projects for Cats & Dogs.” Among them are a Travel Basket, a Scandinavian-Style Bed and a Teepee Bed. And finally, “Projects for Dogs” include a Dish Stand with Built-In Storage, a Bicycle Basket, a Classic Dog House and even a Tire Bed.

Dog in Bicycle Box
Dog in Bicycle Box

I decided to try the Scandinavian-Style Bed for Moochi, my rescue Maltese. As an apartment dweller, I don’t have space for my own jig saw, so following the book’s recommendation, I went to my nearby big box home improvement center and had the necessary pieces cut for me. (Thank You Lowes!) Following the concise and easy-to-follow assembly instructions, I put the bed together and, paired with 2 comfy pillows, Moochi now has his own little throne. (I’ll be showing you how I finished the bed in a future tutorial.)

moochi's bed
Moochi’s Bed

DIY Projects for Cats & Dogs would make the perfect gift for pet lovers who are even a little bit handy. A publication of CompanionHouse Books, an imprint of Fox Chapel Publishing, DIY Projects for Cats & Dogs is available from various resellers and is priced at $18.99US, $22.99CAN and £12.99UK.

Reviewed by Scott Pfeiffer

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