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Super Simple Hand Lettering

In this age of computer-generated lettering, in almost any style you can imagine, the art of hand lettering seems to have been forgotten, at least by me. I’ve watched other, very talented, artists create really elegant lettering, but I haven’t spent much time trying it myself.

And then I received Kiley Bennett’s Super Simple Hand Lettering, a comprehensive guide with “20 traceable alphabets, easy projects, practice sheets & more!” Bennett introduces the reader to the tools and materials needed, explains the art of hand lettering and what types of lines each of the suggested pens produce.Super Simple Hand Lettering 2-4

A really nice feature of this book is that several sheets of tracing paper are included to get you started. I used one to trace the basic lettering. I found it very helpful in understanding line weight and pen pressure, both essential to hand lettering.

My pen practice on provided tracing paper

Once you’re comfortable with the techniques, you transition to paper, drawing upper and lowercase letters in twenty eye-catching alphabets. There are also two pages dedicated to lettering of your own design.Super Simple Hand Lettering 5-7

Bennett wraps up with some of her art ready to be removed and hung for inspiration along with several projects that you can choose from: a custom clipboard, a photo mat, a lettered coffee mug, a Thank You note, and “fancy paper.”

Super Simple Hand Lettering is a great guide for anyone wanting to learn hand lettering and for those who want to up their lettering game. I found the instructions and illustrations well thought out and easy-to-understand.

Super Simple Hand Lettering is a publication of Design Originals, an imprint of Fox Chapel Publishing. It’s priced at $19.99 US, $24.99 CAN and £14.99 RRP UK.

Reviewed by Scott Pfeiffer

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