Bunny Planter

Bunny Planter

I was heading in to Trader Joe’s one day and spied small succulents in round pots outside the entrance. I had been wanting to make an Easter-themed kids craft and thought one of these would be a perfectly shaped base. After a couple of failed craft attempts, I found that Activa’s La Doll Natural Stone Clay had the right consistency for my skill level and desired results.

Project Materials


Bunny Planter How To 1
Bunny Planter How To 1
  1. Roll out a thin sheet of La Doll clay.
  2. Invert planter on work surface and cover with clay sheet, smoothing with wet fingers. (I still had some smoothing and shaping to do when I snapped this photo.)
  3. Roll out another sheet of clay and, using flexible clay cutter, cut curved ears.
  4. Attach ears to clay-covered planter using water to attach and smooth. Allow clay to dry completely. (I inverted planter on a tall bottle to allow ears to dry without flopping over.)
  5. Paint entire bunny with Ash Gray Home Decor paint. Allow paint to dry.

    Bunny Planter How To 2
    Bunny Planter How To 2
  6. Paint inside portion of ears with Camellia Pink Multi-Surface Paint.
  7. Paint nose also using pink paint.
  8. Create 2 button-sized discs using La Doll Clay. Paint discs with Sheepskin Chalk Paint. (Cover entire discs with paint. Glue will not stick to unpainted clay.)
  9. Using Black Paint Pen, draw eyes on discs. Attach eyes to face using Power-Tac Adhesive.
  10. Draw whiskers on face with paint pen.
  11. Return plant to Easter Bunny Planter.

Designed by Scott Pfeiffer

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