Great Book of Floral Patters

Great Book of Floral Patterns

Subtitled The Ultimate Design Sourcebook for Artists and Crafters, Lora S. Irish’s book is exactly that, a thorough and stunning guide to drawing flowers and how to incorporate them in a myriad of arts and crafts including paintings, quilts, books, leatherwork and more.

Great Book of Floral Patterns page 01
Flowers applied to books and banners

Great Book of Floral Patterns contains dozens of flower and arrangement images, along with instructions on how to draw them. You will learn “how to apply existing patterns to your projects,” and create your own patterns and drawings from references photos. You’ll also learn how to turn basic shapes into complex floral displays and how to select colors for your drawings.

Great Book of Floral Patterns page 02
Draw from photos and from basic shapes

The illustrations and photography are beautiful and, quite honestly, they make me wary of even trying to reproduce them. But for those of you who enjoy hand-drawn illustration, I think you will find the Great Book of Floral Patterns a valuable addition to your artistic arsenal.

Great Book of Floral Patterns is a publication of Fox Chapel Publishing and retails for $24.99 US, $31.99 CAN and £17.99 RRP UK.

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