Stenciled Tropical Table Runner Hero

Stenciled Tropical Table Runner

One of my fondest memories of my fraternal grandmother, Ruth Carr Pfeiffer, was being invited to her home to have lunch with her. I would get on my tricycle and peddle down the dirt road between our homes, sit down at her tiny dining table, and have egg salad sandwiches and milk. Grandma Ruth passed many years ago, but because I acquired her table, the memories are still with me. When I saw the table runner example on the FolkArt Tropical Leaf Motif stencil package, I thought I could make a smaller version. I chose my colors to compliment the drapes you see. I think it would would make my grandma smile. – Scott

Project Materials


Stenciled Tropical Table Runner 1
Fabric cut to size
  1. Cut fabric to desire size adding 1 inch on each side.
  2. Iron fabric to remove wrinkles.
  3. Load stencil brush with Spanish Olive paint. Off load the brush by dabbing onto paper towel, removing most paint and achieving a “dry brush.”

    Stenciled Tropical Table Runner 2
    Circular brush strokes
  4. Using the largest leaf on stencil, apply paint in a circular motion through open areas of the stencil. Let dry.
    Stenciled Tropical Table Runner 3
    Rotate stencil and repeat

    Stenciled Tropical Table Runner 4
    Vary the amount of coverage to add depth
  5. Repeat to create desired number of Spanish olive leaves.
  6. Clean stencil and brush.
    Stenciled Tropical Table Runner 6
    Interspersed leaves

    Stenciled Tropical Table Runner 5
    The design is all yours!
  7. Repeat with Merlot paint, interspersing leaf patterns. Let dry for 24 hours.
  8. Heat set acrylic paints using iron.Stenciled Tropical Table Runner 7
  9. Fold fabric over 1 inch on each side and press with iron. Apply Fabri-Tac under each fold to secure. (You could also use Heat ’N Bond to secure.)

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