Sunflower Plate Hero

“Stained Glass” Sunflower Lunch Plates

Brighten up your summer table with these colorful “stained glass” sunflower lunch plates. Or paint a whole set with a variety of flowers and bring an entire flower garden to your table!



  1. Clean plate.
  2. Use sea sponge to gently sponge black Gloss Enamels paint onto center of plate. Let dry. 
  3. Use paintbrush to paint petals with small amounts of blended yellow and orange. Let dry. Apply second coat. Let dry.

    Sunflower Plate How 1
    Sunflower Plate How 1
  4. Use Color Sponge to sponge brown paint onto center of plate, over the black sponged paint. Let dry. 
  5. Paint outer edge around petals with green. Let dry.
    Sunflower Plate How 2
    Sunflower Plate How 2

    Sunflower Plate How 3
    Sunflower Plate How 3
  6. Let entire plate dry for 4 days, then bake in oven according to manufacturer instructions to set paint permanently.

    Sunflower Plate
    Sunflower Plate designed by Cindi McGee

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