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Playhouse For Summer Fun

It’s summer time and what is more fun for the kids than their very own playhouse? This post is little bit of a product review and hack (how I jazzed up the playhouse). I saw this Cedar Summit Storeycreek Playhouse at Costco and thought it would be a great addition to my backyard for my granddaughter, Madison. The price had dropped $100 at the warehouse. Madison has a July birthday, so, Germaine and I (the two grandmothers) decided to purchase it for her. I will say it was a challenge to get home. My friend, Terri, has a minivan with the seats out, and she helped me pick it up. It took 3 Costco staff to put it in the van and a neighbor to help us get it out at home.

Now time to build it! I enlisted Uncle Matt (my son) to assemble it. I went to YouTube to see what others had said about, and done to, the playhouse. Then to the manufacturer’s website where they have a great how-to video to assemble it. Matt decided to build it from the direction book provided and that worked for him. WARNING!! Building time is approximately  4-5 hours non-stop for a solo worker (the reviews I saw did say this, too).

The following photos are the assembly:

Playhouse Bulid 1
Playhouse Bulid 1
Playhouse Bulid 2
Playhouse Bulid 2

Now that the playhouse is built it needs some crafty touches, better known as HACKS.

Playhouse Hack 2
Playhouse Hack 2
Playhouse Hack:
  • Curtains made from dishtowel*
  • College desk floor mat (Big Lots)
  • Storage bins for household items (Big Lots)
  • Water jug (Dollar Tree)
  • Personalized Framed Artwork (frames from IKEA; Hand lettering, ME)
  • IKEA UTTER Table**
  • Tablecloth from dish towel
  • Silk flower arrangement (Dollar Tree)
  • Dish towels (Dollar Tree, cut in half for smaller hands)
  • Prince Frog standing by (he’s been in the backyard for ever. He got reposed to stand guard at the playhouse.

*Look for next week’s blog post on HOW-TO MAKE DISHTOWEL CURTAINS

**IKEA UTTER Table, $9.99, perfect size to fit in playhouse with room to play.

I hope you enjoyed my review and hack all in one place!

Now time for some lemonade,

Ana Araujo

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