“The Beach” Mixed Media Artwork

I found this quote: I followed my heart and it led me to THE BEACH.  I liked it so much that I decided to make it into a piece of mixed media artwork. You will find me at the beach.

The Beach Cover
The Beach Cover
  • Acrylic paint: Americana blue lagoon, sea breeze, snow
  • Folkart: Color Shift Green Flash
  • Mod Podge Mat Finish
  • Paint brushes
  • 6” x 8” canvas
  • Cotton swabs
  • Hot glue gun
  • Child playing in sand copy (this is me at three)
  • Sea shell
  • JudiKins mermaid stamp
  • Staz-On black ink
The Beach steps 1 - 3
The Beach steps 1 – 3
  1. Cut out heart from a piece of paper
  2. Trace onto the canvas
  3. Write “THE BEACH” in the center of the heart

    The Beach steps 4 - 6
    The Beach steps 4 – 6
  4. Write above heart: “I followed my heart and it let me to”
  5. Line up the paper heart with the picture
  6. Trim off to fit the heart

    The Beach steps 7 - 9
    The Beach steps 7 – 9
  7. With a hot glue gun, trace over THE BEACH (this will give you a 3-D look)
  8. Paint mixture of the paints over the writing
  9. Fill in the heart, paint the sea breeze around the heart, paint over THE BEACH with the color shift green flash, outline the heart with that color as well

    The Beach steps 10 -12
    The Beach steps 10 -12
  10. Ink and stamp the mermaid as shown
  11. Carefully lift up the stamp
  12. Decoupage the picture up against the painted heart

    The Beach steps 13 - 15
    The Beach steps 13 – 15
  13. Add some strokes of paint over the picture
  14. Add blue half swirls at bottom
  15. Paint words in white paint

    The Beach steps 16 - 18
    The Beach steps 16 – 18
  16. Wrap 3 cotton swaps with tape
  17. Dip into white paint to create the foam at the top on the waves
  18. Glue shell in right hand corner

That’s it! Frame and hang somewhere that will remind you it’s time to go to THE BEACH!

Happy Summer,

Ana Araujo

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