Faux Chrysocolla Pendant

Faux Chryosocolla Pendant

Chryosocolla is a beautiful mineral – the variations on patterns and shades of color are almost endless – but most are within the turquoise blues and lush green spectrum, with touches of deep navy and sometimes the tiniest hint of metallic shades of copper, or even some with a metallic a bronze like tone.
Faux Chryosocolla Examples
Faux Chryosocolla Examples
  • Makin’s®
    • Clay
      • Concord Blue 60g
    • Clay Roller
    • Professional® Cutting Mat
  • DecoArt®
  • Bronze bezel, chain, jump rings, closure
  • JudiKins™
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Sea sponge
  • Scissors
  • Roll 60g of Concord Blue Makin’s Clay® using clay roller to about 1/4” thick.
  • Using sea sponge, randomly sponge a light amount of Woodland Green, Deep Turquoise, and Coastal Waters paint onto rolled clay. Let paint dry.
  • To apply second layer of color, using sea sponge, randomly sponge a light amount of Turf Green, and Night Sky mixed with a tiny amount of Black Tie paint onto rolled clay. Let paint dry.

    Faux Chryosocolla HOW 1
    Faux Chryosocolla HOW 1
  • Place bezel face down onto colored clay. Impress to mark shape. 
  • Use scissors to cut bezel shape from colored clay.
  • Apply Beacon Mixed-Media Glue to bottom of bezel. Place colored clay into bezel and press gently to adhere. Let dry 24 hours.

    Faux Chryosocolla HOW 2
    Faux Chryosocolla HOW 2
  • Apply a thin layer of JudiKins Diamond Glaze over surface of faux stone. Let dry. 
  • Add bronze jump ring to bezel – I used 3 jump rings to match the connectors on the chain I selected.
  • Add bronze chain and closure.
    Faux Chryosocolla HOW 3
    Faux Chryosocolla HOW 3
    Faux Chryosocolla Pendant
    Faux Chryosocolla Pendant

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