Beach Treasure Necklace

Beach Treasure Necklace

Beach Treasure Necklace

designed by Ana Araujo

I love collecting tiny treasures from the beach. I wanted some way to carry them with me, so I thought, why not a cute little bottle on a necklace? For extra interest I added pearl and mermaid charms. I think I’m on a mermaid kick this year! There is something so magical about a mermaid swimming in the ocean with all those treasures at her fingertips. I’m making this for all my friends…mermaid or not!

Splish Splash,

Ana Araujo

  • Small shells
  • Small piece of seaglass
  • Sand
  • Mini glass jars with cork stoppers
  • Mermaid pendant charm
  • 10 mm screw eyes
  • 1.5mm ball chain and ball chain clasp
  • Jump ring
  • Swarovski pearl
  • Swarovski crystal
  • Head pin with ball end
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Pliers
  • Beacon Adhesives


Step One:
Step One Beach Necklace
Step One Beach Necklace
  1. Open jump ring
  2. Attach to eye screw
  3. Put glue on the tip of the eye screw
  4. Screw into the center of the cork top
  5. Let dry


Step Two:
Step Two Beach Necklace
Step Two Beach Necklace
  1. Gather treasure from the beach; shells, seaglass, sand*
  2. Fill the glass bottle with sand
  3. Add shells and seaglass into bottle
  4. Put glue on the inside lip of the bottle
  5. Then place the cork into the opening, let dry

Note: Make sure the shells and seaglass is small enough to fit through the opening of the bottle.


Step Three:
Step Three Beach Necklace
Step Three Beach Necklace
  1. Layout elements for pearl charm
  2. Place pearl, shell bead, followed by crystal on head pin
  3. Bend head pin on needle nose pliers to form loop
  4. Wrap wire around itself under loop
  5. Snip off excess wire; now you have pearl charm
  6. Put a jump ring on mermaid charm
  7. Slip bottle ball* chain and pearl charm one side and the mermaid charm on the other side

*Cut the ball chain to desired length (I like 22-24”)

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