My Loved One's Memory Bracelet featured

My Loved One’s Memory Bracelet

My Loved One’s Memory Bracelet

designed by Ana Araujo

I wanted to do a project with the widows in a grief group I attend. I stated to look for ideas on Pinterest for a memory bracelet. Much to my surprise there were many ideas for pets but not people. I did find one image about a memory bracelet however it did not link back to the original. So, I set out to adapt my own version.

Please find attached PDF and print it off. I decided to call mine “My Loved One’s Memory Bracelet” with option for a Husband, Father, Wife or Mother.

Please fill free to share this idea with your family and friends.

My Loved One’s Memory Bracelet

  • Varity of shapes and colored beads
  • Black glass and or wood beads
  • Heart charm with wings
  • Split ring
  • Stretch Magic    mm
  • Beacon 527 glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Black Sharpie
Memory Bracelet
Memory Bracelet How To 1
  1. Gather a variety of beads: glass, miracle, clay, cross
  2. Black and wood bead to finish bracelet
  3. Cut a piece of stretch magic 12” (make sure to pre-stretch), fold over tape on one end, on the other end brush black maker (this is really helpful to see the end especially if you are doing this with a group)

    Memory Bracelet How To 2
    Memory Bracelet How To 2
  4. Using the printed PDF to write in you loved one’s colored beads. This guide will help you remember why you picked that bead
  5. Continue stringing the beads as you answer the questions
  6. Once you have added all the beads, start adding finishing beads until you get desired length

    Memory Bracelet How To 3
    Memory Bracelet How To 3
  7. Put the split ring through the charm, add to bracelet
  8. Tight stretch magic off with a few square knots
  9. Add glue to knot (this will prevent it from coming apart)

    My Loved One's Memory Bracelet
    My Loved One’s Memory Bracelet


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