Smashed Penny Chain Weave Bracelet

Smashed Penny Chain Weave Bracelet

My nephew, Will, brought his girlfriend, Robin, home to visit. It was her first trip to California. I suggested they get smashed pennies at the visited landmarks and that I would make a penny bracelet for her. I wanted to keep it simple and give it a bohemian vibe. I liked mixing the different metals together.

Craftily Yours,
Ana Araujo

Smashed Penny Chain Weave Bracelet-Cover
Here’s a fun, easy way to create a smashed penny bracelet.


  • Smashed pennies
  • Copper-colored chain
  • Metal bracelet with a hook closure
  • 8mm split rings
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Double metal punch (1.5mm and 2mm)

Penny Bracelet Chain Weaving




  1. Open up the hook on the bracelet.
  2. With one end of the chain, start weaving the chain back and forth over the metal bracelet.
  3. Push the chain as you go.
  4. When you get to the end of the chain close hook on metal bracelet.Penny Bracelet - punch hole in penny
  5. Line up the metal punch about 1/8″ from edge (this will vary from penny to penny depending where the imprint is).
  6. Twist the punch down until it punches a hole.
  7. Twist the punch up to remove smashed penny, repeat on all other smashed pennies.
  8. With pliers, attach split ring through hole on smashed penny, attaching through chain and metal bracelet, close split ring, repeat to all smashed pennies.

That’s it, easy and so fun to smash pennies (I love the hand crank machines the best)

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