Bottle of Hope

Bottles of Hope for Cancer Patients

Bottles of Hope 1

Bottles of Hope

by Cindi McGee

Bottles of Hope are intended to be small glass bottles (originally – the goal was to re-use tiny glass medication bottles) covered with polymer clay and given to cancer patients. They symbolize a wish and a hope for health. This project was started in 1999 by a Rhode Island cancer survivor and has spread internationally. Bottles are made by artists, students, survivors, seniors and many more who volunteer their time and love. Learn more about this worthwhile project, see a gallery of many creative bottles and more here on their website.

Today, I am sharing just a few examples of some creative Bottles of Hope some of my fellow artists and I have made in the last year. I hope they inspire you to consider joining this worthwile cause. It does not matter if your bottles are simple or elaborate – what matters is that they will brigthen the day for someone facing a very difficult time and hopefully bring them a moment of joy. One of my friends is creating customized, themed Bottles of Hope because people are contacting her requesting them for their loved ones. “Anything goes” themed bottles are always appreciated at various cancer centers, hospitals and care facilities.  
Bottles of Hope 2Bottles of Hope 3Bottles of Hope 4
Contributing Artists: 
  • “Fat Cat & His Feathered Friend” – Cindi McGee
  • “Soar” – Patricia Krauchune
  • “Stars” – Martha Lucia Gomez
  • “Birdcage” – Amanda Phillips 
  • “Neon Flowers” – Lisa Haney
  • “Believe” – Kimberly Hale
  • “Hearts” – Patricia Krauchune
  • “Hope Duo” – Carole Monahan 


  1. It gives me great joy to create a Bottle of Hope for someone. I love seeing all the awesome BOH that my creative friends have made. Join the movement and make someone smile.

  2. Cindi, your kitty Bottle of Hope is a favorite of mine…I love the little bird on the nest on top! Very imaginative!

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