DIY Purse Tassel (square)

DIY Purse Tassel

DIY Purse Tassel

designed by Ana Araujo

This holiday season is all about the Purse Tassel. They can be a bit pricy, however, with a few common crafting materials, you can create your own DIY version of a Purse Tassel for about a dollar each. Easy last minute gift project: measure, cut, glue and tape. You can also make the tassels from tissue paper to use on packages.

Tassel Supplies

  • Kunin Printzfelt
  • Beacon Fabri-Tac
  • Duck Tape: rome
  • Latch hook
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Marker

Tassel How 1a

  1. Cut felt 5” by 10”
  2. Draw a 1” line
  3. Draw 1/4” lines up to the 1” line
  4. Cut the 1/4” lines up to the 1” lineTassel How 1b
  5. Apply Fabri-Tac on the 1” space
  6. Start rolling the felt over the glue (tightly roll)
  7. Roll to the endTassel How 2
  8. Tear off a 4” piece of Duck Tape, then tear that in half length wise
  9. Fold that strip in thirds on it’s self to create a strip
  10. Tear off a 2” piece of Duck Tape and put it on the top of the felt roll, press over edges
  11. Place Duck Tape strip through the clipPurse Tassel How 3
  12. Overlap Duck Tape strip with clip on sides of tassel roll, tape with a strip of Duck Tape
  13. Tear a 1” by 4” piece of Duck Tape, wrap over the top sides to cover
That’s it! So easy!


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