Creativity Runs In The Family!

Ana Araujo’s father, Joe Aboussleman, recently had a tip of his published in Handyman Magazine’s November 2016 issue. OK, you might ask, so? Joe is 91 years old!

Ana says, “Our dad is quite an amazing man. He takes care of our elderly mother, doing house and yard work, and fixing meals. He puts on a pancake breakfast once a month at church, and builds wooden toys for his great grandchildren at the Senior Center wood shop.” Ana goes on to say, “The things my dad builds are from his head. He uses a yellow-lined notepad to draw up his plans.” Ana ponders, “Hum, I wondered where I got that from?”

Handyman Magazine Article
Joe’s been reading Handyman Magazine for years.

Ana’s sister, Susan, took the pictures for the article, Small Parts Sander, and sent it into the magazine.They accepted the tip and he was paid for it! The moral to this story is that you are never too old to get published!

In closing, Ana says, “I get my creative genes from my dad. His ‘wheels are still turning’ and he is always creating and inventing things. I sure hope that, if I make it to his age, l will still be the Crafty One!”

Ana's Father Joe
Joe is 91 years old and still going strong!

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