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I Spy ABC, 123 Pouch

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I Spy ABC, 123 Pouch

With the start of preschool, children will be learning the alphabet and their numbers. I wanted to come up with a fun way for my granddaughter, Madison to learn her ABC and 123. When we are driving she says to me, “Nana, I Spy My Little Eyes…” so, an I Spy pouch is the answer for her. I think you will really enjoy creating this project and it can be made for under $5.00.I Spy Supplies

  • Plaid Enterprises
  • Heavy chipboard
  • Zippered pencil pouch
  • Long grain rice
  • Heart beads
  • Sticker alphabet
  • 32 mm split rings
  • Eyes finger toy
  • Rick rack


  • Sewing machine
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • Foam brush
  • Hole punch
  • Cutting mat


Four dyes on foil
Four dyes on foil
  1. Shake dyes, pour a small amount on foil or paper plateI Spy How 2
  2. Brush yellow  dye on one half of chipboard, brush orange on other half, let dry
  3. Turn over chipboard and brush pink on one half and purple on the other halfI Spy How 3
  4. Cut chipboard into 3/4″ stripsI Spy How 4
  5. Keeping cut strips together, rotate and cut 3/4″ across the strips to create squaresI Spy How 5
  6. Stick letters to chipboard squares (put same letter on the back of each one) A- Z, and numbers  0-9I Spy How 6
  7. With the left over strips spell out: I SPY ABC and I SPY 123
  8. To personalize, spell out the child’s name on one side and sibling’s name on other side. Then spell out MOMMY on one side, DADDY on the other sideI Spy How 7
  9. Pour 2 cups of rice into pencil pouchI Spy How 8
  10. Put alphabet and number squares in pencil pouch with rice, add name and parent word stripsi-spy-how-9
  11. Pour 1/4″ cup of heart beads into pencil pouchI Spy How 11
  12. Pin rick rack along side of zipper on pouchI Spy How 10
  13. Stitch the rick rack, be sure that alphabets, numbers, beads and rice are pushed away from sewing areaI Spy How 12

Punch holes near edge of I SPY ABC & I SPY 123 strips attach to split ring with eyes finger toy. Attach that to eyelet on pencil pouch.I Spy Finished

Now the I SPY ABC & I SPY 123 Pouch is ready to play!


Ana Araujo

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