colors of autumn jewelry set

Colors of Autumn Necklace & Earrings

Cindi’s Creative Solutions

Colors of Autumn Necklace & Earrings

Designed by Cindi McGee – Behind These Eyes™
The bold colors of autumn are in full sparkle on this jewelry set to complement your fall wardrobe.

  • Connie Crystal™ (
    • Red coral beads
    • Red crystal beads
    • Large orange crystal beads
    • Gold spacers
    • Rectangular stone bead
  • Leaf rubber stamp 
  • Clearsnap® (
    • Surfacz black ink pad 
  • Gold jewelry wire
  • Jump rings
  • Fine gauge jewelry wire
  • Earring hoops
  • Jewelry pliers

  1. Determine desired length of necklace and cut piece of fine gauge jewelry wire approximately 4” longer. Cut in half.
  2. Tie jump ring on one end of wire, add coral beads, finishing with 2nd jump ring. Repeat on second wire starting with closure and ending with gold jump ring.
  3. Ink leaf stamp with Surfacz ink and stamp directly onto rectangular stone bead.
  4. Insert gold jewelry wire approximately 1” longer on each side of square stone bead.
  5. Add large orange crystal bead, gold spacer, and red crystal bead. Attach to jump ring at end of coral bead strands.
  6. To create coordinating earrings, place 3 coral beads, red crystal bead, gold spacer, orange bead, spacer, red crystal bead, and 3 more coral beads onto each hoop.

    Colors of Autumn Jewelry Set
    Colors of Autumn Jewelry Set


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