Spider Slider Card hero

Spider Slider Card

Spider Slider Card

Designed by Cindi McGee – Behind These Eyes™
Spider Slider Card (wm)
It’s that time of year when spooky is back in style. Despite the fact that we are still in the middle of summer, Halloween items are popping up in retail stores, and Halloween craft projects are being shared everywhere. Today Cindi McGee shares this creepy kinetic Halloween card with fun pop out spiders and a sliding spider too!

  • Gel Press®
  • DecoArt®
  • JudiKins™
  • White paper
  • Black, red, grey card stock
  • Jewelry wire 
  • Blumenthal Lansing® Spider Buttons
  • Black flat buttons 
  • Red alphabet buttons (or other alphabet stickers, rubber stamp, etc.) 
  • Foam dots 
  • Beacon Adhesives™
  • Mixing cup
  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife   

  1. Place drops of Pewter and Dolphin paint onto Gel Press plate. Brayer lightly.Spider Card How 1
  2. Place paper over plate, press to transfer paint. Lift and set aside. Repeat with second sheet of paper and set aside for future project.  Set prints aside to dry. Clean plate.Spider Card How 2
  3. Cut Spiderweb stencil from border. Place onto one corner of plate. Brayer with Black Tie paint. Lift stencil, an continuing placing on plate and brayering over with black paint until entire surface of plate is covered.
  4. Place grey printed paper onto plate, press to transfer web images to paper. Set aside to dry.Spider Card How 2
  5. Mix a few drops of Dark Scarlet paint into Diamond Glaze. Pour different sized drops/puddles of tinted glaze onto Gel Press plate. Place white paper over plate, press lightly to transfer. Without reapplying glaze, place spiderweb paper over plate and press to transfer remaining glaze puddles to print. The shiny quality of the glaze makes it appear as though there are light splotches of wet blood on the paper. Set aside to dry.Spider Card How 4Spider Card How 5
  6. Cut black card stock to create 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 folded card. Cut mat about 1/4” smaller from red card stock. Cut spider web paper to about 1/4” smaller than red card stock.  Cut grey card stock the same size.Spider Card How 6
  7. On left side of back of spider web printed paper, trace a curvy line that stops about 1/2” from top and bottom edge. Draw second line about 1/4” from first line.  Use craft knife to cut out paper between lines. This is the area where your largest spider will slide.Spider Card How 7
  8. Determine placement of spiders on front of card.  Make tiny hole a couple of inches above the two spiders NOT in the slider space. Thread jewelry wire through holes, tape in place on back side.Spider Card How 8
  9. Place small foam dots on the back of two spiders, mount to ends of wire, and mount to card front.Spider Card How 9
  10. Place small foam dots on the back one flat black button. Place beneath slit in spider patterned paper. Place second button on top. This is the sliding mechanism (Note: Often people use pennies for the slider, either works fine!)Spider Card How 10
  11. Use 3-in-1 Adhesive to mount largest spider button over top button on slider.Spider Card How 11
  12. Glue grey card stock behind spider paper. Glue all layers of card together. Glue “BOO” buttons to base of front of card. Glue piece of grey card stock inside of card for stamped or hand written greeting.Spider Card How 12
  13. Your spider slider is ready to creep his way up and down the card!Spider Slider How 13Spider Card How 14

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