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Glazed Poppy Pendant

Glazed Poppy Pendant 

Designed by Cindi McGee – Behind These Eyes™ 

  • Makin’s Clay®
    • Clay
      • White
    • Clay Tools
      • Roller 
    • Cutting Mat
    • Clay Cutter Set
      • Oval 
  • Poppy rubber stamp
  • Clearsnap®
    • ColorBox® Surfacez® Ink
      • Black 
  • JudiKins™
  • Food coloring
    • Red
    • Blue 
  • Ranger®
    • Adirondak Alcohol Ink
      • Bottle Green 
  • Fine paintbrushes 
  • Jump ring
  • Closure
  • Red ribbon
  • Jewelry plierspin/needle to make hole 

  1. Roll white Makin’s Clay® using clay roller to about 1/8” thick. 
  2. Use largest oval clay cutter to cut oval.  Let dry about 1 hour.PoppyPendantHOW1
  3. Ink poppy stamp with Surfacez® permanent black ink pad and stamp onto clay oval. Let ink dry. 
  4. Use pin to make small hole at top of pendant for jump ring. Let clay dry 24 hours.PoppyPendantHOW2
  5. Mix small amount of Diamond Glaze with one drop red food coloring.
  6. Use fine paintbrush to paint red glaze onto poppy petals.
  7. Mix small amount of Diamond Glaze with one drop Bottle green alcohol ink.
  8. Use fine paintbrush to paint stem and partial leaf and seed pod.PoppyPendantHOW3
  9. Mix small amount of Diamond Glaze with one drop blue food coloring.
  10. Use fine paintbrush to paint blue glaze around poppy. Let dry.PoppyPendantHOW4
  11. Paint back of pendant with blue glaze. Let dry.
  12. Add ribbon and add closure to ends of ribbon.PoppyPendantHOW5

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  1. This is so pretty…I love how you used food coloring to tint the Diamond Glaze, brilliant!

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