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Cindi’s Simple Solutions: Foiled Disc Bracelet

Foiled Disc Bracelet  

Designed by Cindi McGee – Behind These Eyes™

In this Simple Solutions project, Cindi Bisson creates a stunning Foiled Disc Bracelet using Makin’s Clay, Clearsnap foils and JudiKins’ Diamond Glaze.
  • Makin’s Clay®
    • Black 
    • Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine™
    • Circle Cutter Set 
    • Cutting Mat 
  • Clearsnap®
    • Designer Foils™
      • Seaport
      • Lagoon
      • Goldmine
      • Silver Fog
      • Irish Eyes 
  • JudiKins™
    • Diamond Glaze™ 
  • Square black beads in 2 sizes 
  • Silver chain, silver head pins, silver jump rings, jewelry pliers, silver closure 
  1. Roll Black Makin’s Clay in Ultimate Clay Machine on setting #1. 
  2. Randomly apply Designer Foils to rolled clay.foiled bracelet 1 and 2
  3. Roll clay with foil to setting #2, then setting #3. Foil will begin to crackle. 
  4. Use smallest circle to cut several small discs.foiled bracelet 3
  5. Make hole in each disc for jump ring. Let dry 24 hours. 
  6. Apply Diamond Glaze to each clay disc. Let dry and apply glaze to back of each disc. When dry, add jump rings, assemble bracelet with square beads alternating with foiled discs on alternating sides as shown.foiled bracelet t4Foiled Bracelet Full


    1. Thank you Pat I am glad you liked the project!

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