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Binder Paper Painted Rocks for Graduation

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Binder Paper Painted Rocks for Graduation

Designed by Ana Araujo

My friend, Germaine, is a high school teacher. She wanted to do something for her students for graduation. We’ve been collecting rocks on the beach and I thought that we could paint them. She wanted them to say “Believe in yourself.” We thought that binder paper would be a cool look for the students. This turned out to be an easy project as I sat next to her to guide her throughout the process. And, of course, I had to stop Germaine at each step to take photos so I could share this project with you! Get Your Rock On!Binder Paper Painted Rocks 2

  1. Once the paint is dry, take a light blue Sharpie, draw a line with a straight edge. (We used the edge of the maker packaging.)
  2. Straight edge line.
  3. Continue drawing lines to fill white painted space.
  4. With a red Sharpie draw a vertical line about 1/2″ from edge. (This is a judgment call for each rock is different.)
  5. Draw a second vertical line about 1/8″ apart.
  6. Finished fax binder paper.
  7. Turn rock over, paint one white stroke.
  8. Draw 2 blue lines and the red vertical lines.Binder Paper Painted Rock Heart
  9. With black sharpie write “Believe in yourself.”
  10. Follow step out for how-to create the heart.
  11. When heart is dry, turn over the rock and sign it. (Germaine signed her name with 2016.)
  12. She put the rocks in canvas bags with each of her students name on the bag!painted rocks in bags


  1. Thank you for sharing. Such a great idea. Your tutorial is so easy to follow.

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