Shell Jar

Fossil Shell Rocks Keepsake Jar

Create this unique keepsake jar to showcase special fossil shell rocks. It’s easy and quick to make! Gather up the supplies and follow the steps 1-6. You can substitute the fossil shell rocks for shells and sand.


  • Blue Moon Beads
    • Glass Seahorse Charm
    • Color Collection Tassels
  • Darice
    • 26 gauge copper wire
  • Sterling Sliver Shell Charm
  • Ashland Mini Jar
  • Fossil Shell Rock

Fossil Shell Rocks Keepsake Jar 1-3

  1. Attach the shell charm to the tassel.
  2. Cut 18″ of wire, wrap around jar.
  3. Twist wire.
  4. Add tassel & shell over one end of wire, twist wire.
  5. Add seahorse charm over wire, twist wire several times, cut off excess wire, tuck ends in.
Fossil Shell Rocks Keepsake Jar 4-6
Fossil Shell Rocks Keepsake Jar 4-6

Designed by Ana Araujo

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