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Succulent Nosegay

Nosegays are from a time gone by; but at the same time they are timeless. There is something special about a sweet little bouquet of flowers that touches everyone’s heart. With the ever-growing popularity of succulents, I thought that pairing them up with flowers would create the perfect combination to make a modern day Nosegay. This Nosegay was created to be put in vintage tea cups planted with a succulent and moss for a bridal shower; however they stand alone as a lovely nosegay to give to someone special!

Please note that Ana Araujo’s was recently hacked (shame on you out there who think it is fun to corrupt someone’s hard work).
Her team is working hard to restore this blog. Thank You.

Succulent Nosegay Step-Out I

Succulent Nosegay Step-Out II

Succulent Nosegay Step-Out III