Golden Noel Holiday Decor HOW4

Simple Solution: Golden Noel Holiday Decor

Golden Noel Holiday Decor
Golden Noel Holiday Decor
Designed by Cindi McGee – Behind These Eyes™
The large size of this sign, combined with the simplicity of it’s golden coloring, make it a stand out accent for holiday decorating. This  one was designed for indoor use, but you could easily adapt it for outdoor use by spraying with DecoArt Americana Spray Sealant, and creating a fabric flower, or using a pre-made faux flower instead of the paper version.
Paint large Unfinished Wood Co. “NOEL” sign with 2 coats of Emperor’s Gold DecoArt Dazzling Metallics. Let dry thoroughly. 
Golden Noel Holiday Decor HOW 5
Create paper poinsettia embellishment by cutting 5 large petals from one red patterned paper, 5 medium from a complementary paper, and 3 small from the original paper. (Print and trace a pattern if desired, but I just randomly cut mine.) Cut 3 large petals from green partnered paper to serve as leaves. Mountain fold each in half lengthwise. Unfold, and then carefully valley fold, beginning at each petal point, twice on each side.   
Golden Noel Holiday Decor HOW1
Place a small scrap of paper for center, then begin using Zip Dry Adhesive to glue base petals in a circle. Repeat with middle petals, and top layer. Glue green petals beneath large red petals for leaves.  
Golden Noel Holiday Decor HOW2
Paint assorted sized buttons with gold Dazzling Metallics paint. Let dry, then mount to center of flower. 
Golden Noel Holiday Decor HOW3 
Mount flower to upper left corner of wooden NOEL sign.  
Golden Noel Holiday Decor HOW4

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