Loopy Loom Rubber Band Animals

Book Review: Loopy Loom Rubber Band Animals

Loopy Loom Rubber Band Animals
Today I’m sharing book review by a guest reviewer – Zoe Salazar, age 10.  Zoe is my neighbor and has officially accepted the job of being my reviewer for books focused on crafts for kids!  
Here’s what Zoe has to say about  Loopy Loom Rubber Band Animals by Lucy Hopping

“What’s cool about the book is that they make suggestions on things you can make to go with the animals, like for the cat they suggest to make a ball of yarn. What’s awesome is the octopus and the lion you can put on pencils, some of the animals can be made into hair clips, necklaces, keychains and bracelets.”
loopy animals
There are 25 projects in the book, separated into 5 chapters. Each project has a skill level designated, instructions, diagrams, and a color photo. There are also a tools and techniques section, instructions on how to make your own loom, and hints and tips.
The skill level listing for each project made it easier to figure out what she would be able to do. Level 1 and 2 were easiest to do without help.  For Level 3 she needed a bit of help.   Having the diagrams made it a lot easier to follow the directions.   
Zoe said to be sure you read the instructions before you start as some of the projects call for 2 bands a time. She didn’t notice this at first and had to start over on some projects.
Zoe has some suggestions for those who would like to make the projects in the book: 
  • Sort your bands by color and organize them before you start. 
  • Have your holding hooks ready before you start. 
  • You might need help with some projects because they need a glue gun. 
  • If you have pets, set up your materials where they can’t get to them.  
Overall, Zoe liked the book and has had a lot of fun making the projects inside. She has made them to share with friends at school, and many of them have asked for more! She was able to complete many of the projects without help, and many more with a bit of help from her mom or sister. She thought it was a fun book and plans to make more animals. 
Loopy Loom Rubber Band Animals by Lucy Hopping is published by www.rylandpeters.com
Softcover, 128 pages.   MSRP is $14.95. 

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