Summer Sunshine Earrings

Simple Solution: Summer Sunshine Earrings

Summer Sunshine Earrings

Summer Sunshine Earrings

Designed by Cindi Bisson – Behind These Eyes™
Makin’s Clay® with a golden shimmer and sparkling crystals are paired to create these fun Summer Sunshine earrings which would be perfect paired with a simple t-shirt or sundress for a casual summer outfit. 
  1. Roll yellow Makin’s Clay to setting #3 on Ultimate Clay Machine. 
  2. Cut 4 medium suns with Sun Clay Cutter set.  
  3. Use smallest Sun cutter to cut sun from center of 4 medium suns.

Summer Sunshine Earrings How 2

  1. Stack 1 small, 1 large and 1 small Connie Crystals onto straight pins. 
  2. Coat one side of one sun with Beacon 521 Adhesive. Place jewelry pin with crystals centered on sun. Place second sun over first and press together.  
  3. Let dry 24 hours. 
  4. Use fingertip to apply a small amount of Gold Rush Metallic Lustre to both sides of clay suns. 
  5. Create loops at top of suns and add earring wires.

Summer Sunshine Earrings How 1

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