Summer Garden Mason Jar Luminary

Summer Garden Mason Jar Luminary

I love adding pretty accent pieces to my summer garden. This luminary offers a splash of color in the daylight, and then with the press of the button on the lid it gives off a soft glow through the etched glass and semi-translucent colorful flowers in the evening.


  • Mason jar
  • etchall®
    • etching créme
  • Loew-Cornell™
    • Paint Brush
    • TransformMason™ – LED Lid Insert, Wide Mouth Wire Handles 
  • DecoArt®
    • Glass Paint Markers™ – Yellow, Violet, Orange, Fuchsia
  • JudiKins™
    • Ricky Ticky Stickies Cube stamp
  • Pliers
  • AAA batteries 


  1. Coat entire outside of jar with etchall cream. Wait 15 minutes, return cream to bottle and rinse jar to clean. Let dry.  
  2. Apply fuchsia DecoArt Glass Paint Marker directly to one flower on JudiKins Ricky Ticky Stickies cube and stamp onto etched jar. Repeat randomly around jar. Repeat with violet marker on a different flower, yellow marker on a different flower, and orange marker on a  different flower, allowing flowers to overlap each other until desired effect is achieved. Flowers will be somewhat translucent – this is the effect you want so the light will shine through the flowers themselves. 
  3. Follow manufacturer instructions for curing Glass Paint Markers on glass. 
  4. If the Loew-Cornell TransformMason handles are too large for the jar you have used, simply use a pair of pliers to bend back the end that hooks to close the handle to make the opening a bit smaller, then place it onto the jar. 
  5. Insert  AAA batteries into the TransformMason LED light and  place light and lid piece into the top of the jar.  
summer garden mason jar luminary how
Designed by Cindi Bisson

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