Vintage mason jar lid coasters

Simple Solution – Vintage Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Vintage mason jar lid coasters

Vintage Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Designed by Cindi Bisson 
While browsing antique shops during recent trip to the Amish Country in Pennsylvania I found a bucket full of vintage Mason jar lids turned into coasters. I thought it was a very clever option for coasters for those of us who enjoy adding vintage pieces of the past to our country decor. Luckily, I had found some vintage zinc lids at a flea market for just $1 each, so I had a stash to work with. If you don’t have access to vintage lids, you can achieve a similar patina on new galvanized lids (or any galvanized metal!) by soaking them in toilet bowl cleaner (yes…. it’s true!) I found these coasters online in a variety of places but the prices were actually quite high in my opinion – I like having the option to make them myself for about $1 each! 
  1. Trace top of mason jar onto cork sheet (if you don’t have a mason jar, then print a template to trace to fit the inner dimension of the lid). 
  2. Cut out cork circle.
  3. Ink KellyCraft EZ-De’s monogram stamp with Clearsnap Deep Woods Crafter’s Ink and stamp onto center of cork circle.

Vintage mason jar lid coasters HOW 1

  1. Apply Beacon 527 to back of cork circle, place in bottom of lid and let dry. Your coasters are now ready to use!  

Vintage mason jar lid coasters HOW 2

  1. To bundle sets of 4 for gift giving, tie with jute twine. Another fun option is to fill a vintage mason jar with drink mixes (or home-made ice tea mix), and give it along with the coasters.  A bit of jute twine wrapped around the top of the jar holds a Loew-Cornell TransformMason wooden house shaped tag with a fun message written with a colored pencil.Vintage mason jar lid coasters HOW 3

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