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Book Plus Review: Quilling Creations: Flora & Fauna

Quilling Creations: Flora & Fauna, is more than a book.

Book Review: Loopy Loom Rubber Band Animals

Today I’m sharing book review by a guest reviewer – Zoe Salazar, age 10. Zoe is my neighbor and has officially accepted the job of being my reviewer for books focused on crafts for kids!

Book Review: Photo Art

Photo Art by Ellie Laycock features 35 ways to display photographs whether they be vintage photos or digital prints.

Book Review: Finding Style - How to Use Today’s Versatile Jewelry-Making Components

I am a long-term of Irina Miech’s wearable artwork. I always find her books informative and inspiring, and her instructions achievable.

Crochet Dress Up

Crochet Dress Up by Emma Friedlander-Collins shares over 35 creative costume pieces for both boys and girls - what makes them totally unique is that they are all crocheted! They are soft, clever, whimsical, and would be a wonderful way to inspire creative play.

Tila Beads - Bracelets & Necklaces with 2-Hole Tile-Shaped Beads

Author Alice Korach shares information on materials and basic knots, crimping, and a basic bead guide, then she delves into the projects themselves.

Ken Oliver's HOMETOWN Collection

Ken Oliver’s unique eye for creative design hits it out of the park with this HOMETOWN collection of papers.

Arm and Finger Knitting

As someone who is challenged when it comes to knitting with needles, Arm & Finger Knitting by Laura Strutt intrigued me.

The Art of Zentangle

“The Art of Zentangle” could also rightfully be named – “A Zentangle For Everyone...”

Classic Chain Mail Jewelry

This companion book to her first book, Classic Chain Mail Jewelry takes you into the next level of chain mail jewelry.

Zen Quilting Workbook

This is a true “workbook” for the creation of a Zen Quilt, rather than a project based guide. It gives you the knowledge you need to create something unique, in your own Zentangle® style.

Easy Crystal Stitching

Easy Crystal Stitching by Nikia Angel would be a good place to start for someone who wishes to begin to explore the art of crystal stitching.

Craft Your Stash

Open the pages of Craft Your Stash and find inside the inspiration you need to pull out your crafting supplies and get busy!

Beautiful Leather Jewelry

Beautiful Leather Jewelry adds an interesting twist to jewelry making. As someone who loves combining textures and mixed-media to create wearable pieces, this book definitely appeals to me.

Soutache & Bead Embroidery

Soutache & Bead Embroidery guides the reader through creating incredibly unique pieces of wearable art with an interesting combination of textures and elements.

Project: Necklaces

Project: Necklaces includes 30 designs using beads, wire, chain and more.

How to Write a Best Selling Craft Book

Packed with pertinent advice, spiced with Mark Montano’s sense of humor, How to Write a Best Selling Craft Book by Mark Montano could also be called THE MUST HAVE GUIDE FOR ANYONE WANTING TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN WRITING A CREATIVE BOOK!

Rowlux Illusion Film

This medium is definitely versatile - and the results are totally eye-catching. If you are looking for a new material to craft with and want dazzling results - Rowlux Illusion Film. may be your answer!

Irina’s Metal Clay Collection for Beaders

As a polymer clay artist who enjoys making jewelry and has long been intrigued by the options metal clay might bring, I found this book to be incredibly inspiring.

Multistrand Jewelry - Secrets for Success

Multistrand Jewelry - Secrets for Success from the Publishers of Bead Style Magazine brings you a wide assortment of multi-strand jewelry. The book starts with information on basic techniques and tools and materials and then moves onto creativity.

Stitch Workshop: Herringbone Stitch

Stitch Workshop: Herringbone Stitch - Basic Techniques, Advanced Results is one of those books that boggles my mind yet again. Jewelry makers who enjoy this style of beading must have never-ending patience and a true eye for detail.

Jewelry Projects from a Beading Insider

Cathy Jakicic, editor of Bead Style Magazine, shares original designs and expert advice in this informative book. Cathy shares 10 skill-building workshops, multiple projects designed with a good variety of materials, supplies & techniques, hundreds of tips and more

Exploring Canework in Polymer Clay

Being an artist who enjoys working with polymer clay, canes have always intrigued me. I find their intricate, colorful patterns amazing and true works of art.