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I just graduated from UCLA with a MFA in animation and have my BFA in Photography, Drawing, Sculpture and Video. I am currently involved with some freelance animation work and am also creating new designs in earrings, jewelry, and other fun fashions.

I love tap dancing so much I take a class wherever convenient. My garage is set up so I can practically build or fix anything and will very soon open a furniture repair shop.  You can see that I can’t stop creating.  My mom says I was born with a set of crayons in my hands.

I love my half siblings on my fathers side and craft with them every day I’m with them. We started melting together perler beads and I decided to open an etsy shop of mostly perler bead earrings. I love making them and love wearing them.

When I saw Lily Scott on American Idol with her beautiful peacock earrings, I was hooked on feathers. Turns out when my half siblings bought me a pair of feather earrings they were the exact same ones.

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Blossom Fire