4 JAN 2013, New York, NY – Artistic Ribbon Inc., a leading supplier of quality ribbon, has announced that it will be releasing to the U.S. market a light-emitting diode (LED) satin ribbon. This innovative textile technology is an 1/8th  satin ribbon strip mounted with 10 LEDs that glow or blink depending on the settings selected.

Company officials are expected to be showcasing the product at the upcoming 2013 Craft and Hobby Show in Anaheim, California.

“It’s the item the industry has been waiting for,” explained Artistic Ribbon’s General Manager Steven Eigner, “with applications from wearable tech, to decorative accent lighting, this wired luminous ribbon will energize large segments of the industry as its creative marketing potential is realized.”

The LED textile ribbon eliminates the stiffness associated with conventional LED strips allowing the product to readily be sewn, stitched, glued or attached onto almost any object. Company officials are expecting the fashion accessory industry in particular to rapidly adopt this new and eye-catching innovation.

More information may be found at the firm’s website:

About Artistic Ribbon Inc.

Artistic Ribbon is a full service wholesale distributor of fashionable ribbon to the apparel, lingerie, stationery, packaging and cottage craft industries; the firm has been a stock supplier to the trade since 1928.


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