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Celebrity judges select top innovations at craft industry's largest trade show
1005 days ago
The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) is pleased to announce a star-studded line-up of internationally recognized Hollywood celebrities
1005 days ago
Creative Knitting magazine, now includes two new features and a newly-designed cover—all effective with the May 2012 issue.
935 days ago
Carolyn Vagts, DRG quilting editor, was honored recently as the volunteer of the year by the Genesys Health Foundation Hospice Division.
904 days ago
Craftwell Inc. today announced an agreement with Teresa Collins Designs, for the creation of an exclusive design collection for use with the eBosser and eCraft product lines.
530 days ago
“100 Days of Tombow” Reaches Newest Milestone
368 days ago
Once they reach high school many LEGO fans put their bricks in the attic. But for countless more, LEGO bricks are a key part of their adult professional and social lives.
1097 days ago
CHA celebrated the best of the best in original product design and creative communication tactics judged by CHA Staff, consultants and members of the press.
998 days ago
Bruce Perry explains what cubicle dwellers, home office addicts, and the rest of us tech junkies can do to reverse "chair living," get moving, and eat right.
911 days ago
Annie’s, a leading special-interest publisher in the craft and nostalgia markets, has created a new full-color project book for card making enthusiasts.
505 days ago
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