Diamond GlazeJudiKins Diamond Glaze is a clear drying dimensional adhesive. It gives you a crystal clear, glass-like finish on almost any surface. Apply it thin onto paper for a bit of shine and to act as a sealant. Apply it thicker to add clear dimension over an embellishment. Fill bezels, bottle caps, and more. Coat clay, shrink plastic, or wood. Diamond Glaze can be mixed with a number of mediums to alter it’s color including dye based inks, pearlescent pigments, watercolors and more. And, since it’s also an adhesive, you can add almost endless components to it while wet and they will add great dimension and texture to your projects. Sprinkle in chunky glitter, tiny glass marbles, beads, sand, etc. Clean-up is a snap, as this water based product comes off your hands and work surfaces quickly and easily. When working with it, you will note it is somewhat thinner than some similar products, and is opaque at first, but still dries to a hard, clear finish. If bubbles develop when applying, gently burst with a pin tip before the product dries. Several layers can be applied to non level surfaces to build the thickness if it’s consistency is an issue for the project you are working on.
When comparing JudiKins Diamond Glaze to similar products, it’s price point is slightly lower, it comes in a variety of sizes, yet it offers the same benefits as it’s competitors, and more than some. Overall, it’s a very useful product and something I think every crafter should keep in their supply cabinet due to it’s versatility.
Available in 2 oz. or 8 oz. bottles, and an 18 oz. refill bottle. Visit JudiKins' Website for more information or to receive a free sample. You can also find Diamond Glaze in our Amazon aStore.

- Cindi Bisson

695 days ago
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Product Review: JudiKins Diamond Glaze