Heritage Handcraft PaintThis creamy, thick paint is meant to be used with brass stencils. The result is a great raised, detailed image. But this paint is so much more than that.  It has a bit of shimmer to it. It can be brushed or sponged on and allowed to dry for a smooth finish. It acts as an adhesive while wet so you can add tiny glass marbles, glitter or other itsy bitsy bling type embellishments. It can be used on cardstock, mat board, wood or fabric. My favorite thing about this paint though is the TEXTURE you can get by heating the paint with a heat tool before it dries. It bubbles and the result is a fabulous texture. With 21 fabulous colors to choose from, there is a color for almost any project.

Sea Glass BraceletI wanted to do something different with the paint, so I tried it on DIY Bangle wooden bracelet and it worked wonderfully!  This sea glass bracelet highlights beautiful pieces of sea glass I found when Ana treated me to a quick trip to see the sunset at Laguna Beach earlier this year.  I really wanted to show these beautiful treasures from the beach and this bracelet does just that. I began by mounting the sea glass to the flat areas on the wooden bangle with Elmer’s Craft Bond Adhesive.  Once dry, I grouted around the sea glass with actual decorative tile grout.  When that was dry, I painted the remaining wooden area with Aqua Lagoon Heritage Handcrafts 3-D Dimensional Stencil Paint and then heated it with a heat tool to dry.  Voila – Instant bubbly texture in a beautiful sea blue color. The entire bracelet was given a finishing coat of EarthSafe Finishes Satin Nautical Varnish to seal and protect it.

Too see all the colors of Heritage Handcrafts 3-D Dimensional Stencil Paint and their complete line of high quality brass stencils, visit their website at


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Heritage Handcrafts 3-D Dimensional Stencil Paint