By Laura Bray

I'm driving my husband crazy. For the past three months, I've been saving every clamshell, egg carton and jar we use. They are all piled high in the garage, waiting for the holidays.

I don't know about you, but I feel pretty guilty about the amount of plastic etc. I have been using to package my Christmas baking gifts. So, a few months I ago I decided I would reuse the containers that store-bought cookies and fruit come in for my holiday gifts. Hence the pile of “garbage” in my garage!

It's so easy to do this project! Just wash your take-out clamshells and other containers. Measure the top and then cut out some old wrapping paper or festive scrapbook paper to fit the top. I used a Fiskar’s Border Punch to make the edge of the paper look extra special. I attached the paper with double sided tape. Then I added some holiday tags to the top of the box. (I downloaded these from Vanessa Valencia’s website, but you can use store-bought tags or even have your children design gift tags for you.)  To finish, I nestled my cookies in some waxed tissue paper.
My husband is finally seeing that there was method to madness. I saved money and helped the planet. See? I'm not so crazy after all!  If you are following along with some of my Advent Calendar ideas, this is a perfect project to accompany your cookie baking day!

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