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I'm always on the look out for new snacks and nibbles to make for myself or for friends when we're enjoying a glass of wine.
547 days ago
This weekend I had a little dinner party and I wanted something soulful- and easy to serve!
581 days ago
Whether your into technological wizardry, artistic and eclectic fashions and wearable art, eco-friendly projects, movable sculpture with or without fire, or interesting delectable food choices...
594 days ago
The level of creative thinking shown by all the participants in this premiere episode was definitely interesting.
811 days ago
No more nightmares about lost photos saved on the computer... The Picture Keeper is literally the answer to your dreams!
1490 days ago
Stampee Foil gives you a fun, shiny finish on your cards or scrapbooking layouts.
1500 days ago
Why not try something new this summer and create some unique jewelry to wear and amaze your friends and relatives?
1539 days ago
Our theme this week is weddings.
1561 days ago
I am on what seems to be and endless attempt at organizing and cleaning my studio.
1591 days ago
95 Pages full of tools, tips, techniques, and creative ideas. This is more than just an idea book
1609 days ago
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