Designed by Cindi Bisson
In this week’s Simple Solution, Cindi creates spooky graveyard bones
using Smoothfoam and DecoArt products for Halloween.
  • Smoothfoam™ sheets
  • Westcott® Craft Titanium Hobby Knife
  • Westcott® Craft Self-Healing Mat
  • DecoArt® Americana® Decor™ Chalky Paint – Everlasting
  • DecoArt® Americana® Decor™ Creme Wax – Deep Brown
  • Paintbrush, rag, sandpaper
  1. Use hobby knife to cut block of Smoothfoam approximately 2” wide and desired length.
  2. Use hobby knife to shape ends.
  3. Use hobby knife to cut corner/edge on all sides, front and back.
  4. Sand all edges to until round and smooth.
  5. Wipe any excess foam dust with a rag.
  6. Paint all sides with Everlasting paint.  Let dry.
  7. Use rag to apply small amount of Deep Brown wax to age bones.