Simple Solution – Faux Succulent Wreath

Faux Succulent Collage
Designed by Cindi Bisson
I have been pinning succulent wreaths on my Pinterest gardening board for months and when I found these great faux succulents on clearance at a chain craft store last fall, I knew I had to buy all they had and make myself one of these faux succulent wreaths! Real succulents are amazing, but this wreath can also be taken inside and used through the winter without worrying about wilting, etc. Right now the chain craft stores have awesome faux succulents available, so make your wreath now, or watch for those clearance sales at the end of the season and make yourself one for next spring!
  1. Remove succulents from wire stems.
  2. Cut piece of wire about 6” long, wrap around inside stem of bottom 2 sets of leaves succulent.
  3. Wrap around Smoothfoam™ wreath, twisting ends of wire on back to hold in place.  Smoothfoam™ has a solid, smooth surface so there is not a problem with the foam crumbling or the wire slicing into it when mounting the succulents.
  4. Alternating shades of succulents, repeat around front, inside, and outside of wreath, ensuring succulents are layered tightly and overlapping in some places to eliminate white space between them.