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Simple Solution – Candy Corn Frame

candy corn frame

Designed by Cindi Bisson

I love creating custom dimensional embellishments for my scrapbook pages, or seasonal home accents for decorating our home for the holidays.  This candy corn frame is easy to make and works well for either use.




1. Determine the finished size of frame. Cut chipboard desired size, cut opening in center to create display area. For this project, finished frame opening is 3 1/2” x 5”.

candy corn frame front

2. Roll clay to approximately 1/8” thickness. Cut with clay cutter, cut off rounded end to form candy corn shape. Repeat until necessary number of candy corns to cover entire border of frame are made.  Let dry according to manufacturer instructions.

candy corn clay

3. Once dry, arrange clay pieces around border of frame.  Mount with Elmer’s Craft Bond adhesive.

 candy corn glue

4. Use yellow paint to paint bottom third of each piece.  Let dry.  Paint center area with orange paint.  Let dry.

 candy corn yellow b

5. Apply layer of JudiKins Diamond Glaze over each candy corn.  Let dry.

 candy corn judikins

6. If you want to create a standing home-decor style frame rather than a flat frame for a scrapbook page, cut backing piece of chipboard. Measure and cut patterned paper 1/4” larger on all sides than backing chipboard. Cover backing piece, wrapping edges over to front and mount. Cut piece of patterned paper to fit on front face of frame, mount. Mount finished frame front to back piece applying adhesive only on left and right sides, and bottom. Measure and cut a piece of sturdy chipboard to make stand for frame, cover with patterned paper, mount to frame.