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Crackle Clay Veneer - Two Techniques

Recently, I attended the Polymer Clay Adventure in Paradise Retreat and had the opportunity to take an amazing workshop with Lisa Renner.

Candy Cane Vase

If you’re looking for a quick, festive and inexpensive centerpiece for the holidays, Mark’s candy cane vase DIY is perfect for you!

Magic Reindeer Food

Christmas time is fast approaching! This fun gift is sure to brigthen the season for a special little one in your life!

Autumn Leaves Polymer Clay Pendant

The colors of autumn are captured in this pendant made with molded polymer clay leaves.

Stitched Circles Pendant

Explore two options for adding texture to polymer clay and create a bold pendant.

Steampunk Scarf Clasp

I have a small collection of JudiKins rubber stamps and when I saw a similar project on Pinterest, it inspired me to try my hand at this technique and I happen to like the steampunk look.

Candy Wrapper Cart

Save those Halloween candy wrappers! You’ll need them for this DIY cart.

Candy Corn Pingpong Ball Art

I don’t like the way candy corn tastes, but I love the way it looks. That’s why I made this candy corn inspired art piece.

Stenciled Tropical Table Runner

When I saw the table runner example on the FolkArt Tropical Leaf Motif stencil package, I thought I could make a smaller version. I chose my colors to compliment the drapes you see.

Skull Door or Wall Hanger

If you’re in need of a festive Halloween door hanger, this kooky fellow is the perfect DIY project for you! Trick-or treaters are sure to love him.

Diamond Pattern Polymer Clay Pendant

I have been experimenting recently with different, unexpected ways to texture polymer clay. For this project, I’m using a large bolt from the local home improvement store.

Twice Textured Clay Earrings

I’ve been experimenting with texture in polymer clay and these “twice textured” earrings are just one of the many options I’ve explored.

Blended Fish Necklace

Skinner Blends are a popular way to create beautiful shading with polymer clay.

Stained Glass Sunflower Lunch Plates

Brighten up your summer table with these colorful “stained glass” sunflower lunch plates.

Smashed Penny Containers

Getting ready for a trip to Disneyland or Disney World? Don’t forget to pack pennies and quarters to make smashed pennies at the parks! Disneyland alone has over 100 different pennies you can smash!

Easy Star Straws: Patriotic Fun for Kids

These super easy star toppers are a simple craft to let the kids create when they arrive at your 4th of July barbeque.

Fantasy-Inspired Fascinator Party Hats

My friend, Caroline, is throwing an Alice In Wonderland party for her daughter Harper’s first birthday. She enlisted my creativity to help her with party hats.

Wedding Window

A vintage window gets repurposed into a unique wedding gift for the bride & groom with the help of etchall Créme & DecoArt Chalkboard Paint.

The Beach Mixed Media Artwork

I found this quote: I followed my heart and it led me to THE BEACH. I liked it so much that I decided to make it into a piece of mix media artwork. You will find me at the beach.

Welcome to the LAKE Sign

We just finished building an awesome screen porch on our lake cottage and I wanted to make something to hang over the door.

Fantasy Party Centerpiece

With the release of a certain new fantasy movie, there will be a lot of big and little girls who will want this for a themed party!

Faux Chryosocolla Pendant

hrysocolla is a beautiful mineral – the variations on patterns and shades of color are almost endless

My Adventures in Metal Clay

I recently taught at the 2017 Artiscape event in Dublin, OH. I also took the time to participate in a workshop and learn something new myself!

“Earth” Beads Bracelet

These textured beads were not originally intended to be “Earth” Beads – but when I finished them the first thing that came to mind was that they reminded me of images of Earth!

Beach Treasure Necklace

I love collecting tiny treasures from the beach. I wanted some way to carry them with me, so I thought, why not a cute little bottle on a necklace?

Etched Monogram Vintage Window Mirror

A friend of ours repurposed a vintage window frame from his family home and created this fantastic large mirror.

Seas The Day Beach Rocks

I was looking for a party favor for an adult beach party. I love to collect shells, sea glass and rocks on my walks on the beach.

Easter Candy Wreath

This little wreath celebrates the fun of an Easter basket and would make a cute accent to your springtime decor.

Bunny Easter Eggs

There are so many different things that you can create from the all-time favorite plastic Easter eggs!

My Loved One's Memory Bracelet

I wanted to do a project with the widows in a grief group I attend.

Floral Disc Earrings

Be ready for spring & summer with these colorful floral disc earrings.

Vintage Soda Bottle Lamp

I wanted to create a small accent light to add to the kitchen...

The Three Bears

I was searching for an easy teddy bear pattern so that I could make The Three Bears for a baby show.

Golden Leopard Bracelet

Cindi uses Alumilite resin, a Plaid Mod Mold, DecoArt Metallic Lustre and JudiKins Diamond Glaze to create an elegant bracelet.

Lollipop Valentine

Today’s project was inspired by a pin Ana saw on Pinterest from HomadeGinger.com where she spray-painted candy hearts to make framed artwork and earrings.

Bottles of Hope

Bottles of Hope are intended to be small glass bottles (originally – the goal was to re-use tiny glass medication bottles) covered with polymer clay and given to cancer patients. They symbolize a wish and a hope for health.

Smashed Penny Chain Weave Bracelet

My nephew, Will, brought his girlfriend, Robin, home to visit. It was her first trip to California. I suggested they get smashed pennies at the visited landmarks and that I would make a penny bracelet for her.

Faux Swedish Heart Polymer Clay Pendant

When I saw this post on the Fairfield World Facebook page about a fabric Swedish Heart, my mind began imagining it in another material.

Chocolate Buttons And A Thread Spool Too!

Even in this age of technology and using email or text for almost everything, an old fashioned THANK YOU for a gift, a good deed, or for being a friend never goes out of style.

DIY Purse Tassel

This holiday season is all about the Purse Tassel. They can be a bit pricy, however, with a few common crafting materials, you can create your own DIY version of a Purse Tassel for about a dollar each.

Cinnamon Stick Santas

Ho Ho Ho! Quick & cute holiday ornaments make great gift embellishments for everyone on your list. These are very simple to make and their delicious cinnamon scent adds to the warm homey feel of the holiday!

“Peace, Unity, Kindness” Cardinal Ornament

Create this rustic, no-sew ornament to decorate your holiday tree, and to serve as a reminder of the importance of those three very powerful words.Create this rustic, no-sew ornament to decorate your holiday tree, and to serve as a reminder of the importance of those three very powerful words.

Owl Candy Jar

Looking for a way to take a purchased jar and give it a high end look? Then this is a simple and easy fix for that.

Wooden Spool Turkeys

Display your wooden spool turkeys for a fun seasonal decoration, or slip in small place cards and use on your Thanksgiving table.

Re-purposed Vintage Linens Pillow

This is a simple way to use a repurpose those vintage pieces, whether stained or not, into unique, shabby chic home decor accents.

Men’s Gold Block Bracelet

I’ve been wanting to design men’s bracelets for some time and when I saw several for sale on FaceBook, I decided to try my hand at it.

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Plate

A Dollar Store ceramic plate is easily transformed into a colorful Day of the Dead Sugar Skull treat plate with etchall® creme and DecoArt® Americana® Multi-Surface Satin™ Acrylics.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Guest Book Sign

A friend’s daughter found the clever idea of using a reclaimed wood sign as a guest book for her outdoor wedding on Pinterest.

Creepy Cocktail Martini Glass

I had a little spooky fun this week with etchall® Creme & DecoArt® glass paints! Add your favorite blood red martini and a chocolate eyeball accent and you’re ready to enjoy your creepy evening!

Nautical Nursery: Anchors Away Baby Blanket

In the next few weeks Ana Araujo will be teaching us how to create décor for a baby boy nautical themed nursery.

Easy Autumn Bracelet

Let no scrap go unused! That’s my motto when I’m working with Makin’s Clay®.

I Spy ABC, 123 Pouch

With the start of preschool, children will be learning the alphabet and their numbers. I wanted to come up with a fun way for my granddaughter, Madison to learn her ABC and 123.

Colors of Autumn Necklace & Earrings

The bold colors of autumn are in full sparkle on this jewelry set to complement your fall wardrobe.

This Little Piggy Sock Animal

I needed a baby gift and I thought I would make a little piggy sock animal from low cut socks.

Gothic Romance Pendant

’Tis the season for all things SPOOKY! This is one of my favorite times of year for creative projects

Heart Rock Wedding Frame

My friend, Kim, has been walking the beach with me for the last few months. She has been collecting rocks that are heart-shaped.

Spider Slider Card

It’s that time of year when spooky is back in style. Despite the fact that we are still in the middle of summer, Halloween items are popping up in retail stores, and Halloween craft projects are being shared everywhere.

Upcycled Kids' Table

My 91-year-old Dad, Joe, found this kids folding table on the street and gave it to me for my grandkids. I took it to be nice; but I have one of those Costco Kids folding table and this was ugly.

Vintage Etched Jar Vases

I recently stumbled upon a box of old, “vintage” glass jars. I knew they were too good of a treasure to just recycle, so I set them aside until my creative muse could come up with the right idea.

Golden Pineapple Floral Centerpiece

It’s summer party time! I saw golden pineapples all over Pinterest and wanted to create a floral centerpiece using a golden pineapple for a party.

Glazed Poppy Pendant

Faux Fish Tank

No, need to feed this fish! All he needs is a little sunlight! Create this Faux Fish Tank with three items from the Dollar Tree and an Elmer’s Paint Marker.

Pink Octopus Pendant

Foiled Disc Bracelet

In this Simple Solutions project, Cindi Bisson creates a stunning Foiled Disc Bracelet using Makin’s Clay, Clearsnap foils and JudiKins’ Diamond Glaze.

Mosaic Star Patriotic Door Decoration

Add a bit of festive color to your door to celebrate the 4th of July with this Mosaic Star Patriotic Door Decoration.

Binder Paper Painted Rocks for Graduation

My friend, Germaine, is a high school teacher. She wanted to do something for her students for graduation. We’ve been collecting rocks on the beach and I thought that we could paint them. She wanted them to say “Believe in yourself.”

Summer Sherbet Tube Bead Bracelet

The refreshing colors of summer sherbet are popping up everywhere in fashion this season. This simple bracelet made of extruded Makin’s Clay® will pair perfectly with a summer tee-shirt in those sherbet shades.

Flower Girl Wreath

What flower girl wouldn’t want to wear this as she sprinkles flower pedals down the aisle at her favorite aunt’s wedding? This tutorial demonstrates a simple, yet elegant technique for making beautiful wedding decorations.

Monoprinting 101: Easy Gel Prints with Gel Press™

I recently discovered a new creative outlet – gelatin printing. I admit, I often wondered how people got those really interesting backgrounds, with blended colors and patterns, etc. for collage style art.

Seahorse Shell Necklace

On one of Ana’s walks on the beach she found this smooth shell and thought it would be perfect for a pendant. As she was hunting through all of her beading treasures, she found this ceramic seahorse she purchased years ago. It was the perfect match for the shell. Simple and beautiful!

Nesting Bluebirds Bracelet

Spring is finally in the air and the birds are happily building their nests. This bracelet is easy to make with Makin’s Clay® and two brands of silicone push molds

El Niño is ever changing the Northern California Coast…

There is much beauty among the debris left in the wake of El Niño. Many creative souls have made some amazing beach forts.

MMM….. PIE! etchall® Etched Glass Pie Plate

This fun etched glass pie plate would make a fun gift for a new bride, or even as a house warming gift for someone. Include a few of your favorite pie recipes or a recipe for a special pie crust.

Easter Bonnet & Bunny Ears

You are going to love how easy these projects are! You can create a one-of-a-kind Easter bonnet and matching floral purse. Don’t stop there, what little (or big) girl would love to wear these adorable floral bunny ears!

Lucky Leprechaun Lure

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching and that means Leprechauns are up their mischief! When I was a little girl, my grandfather Poppy King taught me how to make a Leprechaun trap out in our yard to try to catch a Leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day.

Festive Holiday Wreaths on a budget!

Cindi McGee shows you how to create beautiful holiday wreaths for a fraction of the cost of upscale, more expensive, pre-made wreaths.

Golden Noel Holiday Decor

The large size of this sign, combined with the simplicity of it’s golden coloring, make it a stand out accent for holiday decorating.

Faux Jade Pendant

Authentic jade doesn’t come cheap, so Cindi has come up with a beautiful alternative to add to your bag of tricks.

How To Use A Sewing Gauge

Ana Araujo of Mama Knows Best, internet how-to show, shares her tips on how to use a Seam Gauge With Point Turner!!!

Spooky Halloween Centerpiece

Need an elegant, yet inexpensive, table centerpiece for the holidays? I was inspired to create my metallic pumpkin candleholders from an article I saw online. Simply prepare as you would for a typical Jack O’ Lantern, but then use your imagination to create unique patterns.

Day of the Dead Decorative Mirror

Day of the Dead crafts are growing in popularity – this mirror combines a variety of mixed media for a finished piece which will make a colorful accent to you home.

Haunted Mausoleum Birdhouse

Just in time for Halloween, add a little spooky glow to your mantle this season with this Haunted Mausoleum Birdhouse!

Candy Corn Bottle of “Boo-s” Halloween Treat Bottle

This Candy Corn themed Bottle of “Boo-s” is a fun way to bring a smile to the face of a co-worker, friend, or family member young or old.

Country Roosters Etched Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers

Cindi shows you how easy it is to transform inexpensive glass salt & pepper shakers into cute coordinating kitchen decor with etchall® products & DecoArt® stencils!

Customized Ribbon

We re-decorated our master bedroom, and in the process I found this quilt I just loved for the bed. It had the shades of blues and greens we love, wasn’t totally “feminine” thanks to the brown and cream and less frilly patterns of the fabrics, and it matched the new paint color perfectly.

Watercolor Watermelon Luncheon Plate

These pretty plates are perfect for a summer luncheon on the patio! The semi-translucent effect of the glass paints, painted with random brushstrokes, reminds me of a watercolor painting.

Summer Sunshine Earrings

These fun Summer Sunshine earrings would be perfect paired with a simple t-shirt or sundress for a casual summer outfit.

Summer Garden Mason Jar Luminary

This luminary offers a splash of color in the daylight, and then with the press of the button on the lid it gives off a soft glow through the etched glass and semi-translucent colorful flowers in the evening.

Vintage Mason Jar Coasters

While browsing antique shops during recent trip to the Amish Country in Pennsylvania I found a bucket full of vintage Mason jar lids turned into coasters. I thought it was a very clever option for coasters for those of us who enjoy adding vintage pieces of the past to our country decor.

No Sew Valances

I love to create custom curtains and valances for our home. We have been renovating our camper/cottage and wanted something new for the windows there - we already had great plantation style blinds, yet wanted to add a unique pop of color with something that wouldn’t obstruct he lake view.

EAT Sign

Metal “EAT” signs remain a popular accent for kitchen decor. However; the metal versions can be quite costly. Wooden versions are available too, but again, they can be costly.

LAKE TIME! Etched Glass Clock

Relax….. you’re on LAKE TIME! Customize a glass clock with etchall® and create something one of a kind for your vacation place - you can change it to “BEACH TIME”, “CAMPING TIME”, etc.!

Felt Travel Jewelry Pouch

Take your jewelry on the go in style with this colorful and fun felt travel jewelry pouch with a magnetic closure.

Gems of the Seas Bracelet and Earrings

Assorted opulent shades of Connie Crystal pearls are a perfect complement for Makin’s Clay® seashells made with blended clays and dusted with Iridescent powders.

Spring Butterfly Magnets

Brighten up your kitchen for springtime with these pretty butterfly magnets.

Snow Day Survival Gift Jar

This wintry project, my Snow Day Survival Gift Jar, would be a fun surprise for a child’s teacher, a friend that’s a teacher, or for anyone who needs a fun break from the seemingly endless winter weather these days!

Sparkling Valentine Hearts Door Swag

Decorate your home for the “Season of Love” with this Sparkling Valentine Hearts Door Swag.

Cookies for Santa Etched Glass Plate

Surprise a special little one in your life with a gift before Christmas with this etched glass Cookies for Santa plate.

Customized Etched Hot Chocolate Mug

Cindi creates a charming customized mug that will delight children and adults alike.

Peace in the Evergreens Votive Candle

When you light a candle in this etched glass votive holder embellished with real evergreens you’ll bring a warm holiday glow to your mantle.

Rustic Rudolph Burlap Wreath

Burlap and Acorn Candle Stand Centerpiece

Gather up some fallen acorns and create a rustic candle stand to serve as a centerpiece for your autumn table with burlap and Smoothfoam™ discs.

Lunchbox Love Notes

Cards don't have to be just for special occasions. Why not make someone special smile with a little extra addition to their lunchbox? A simple handmade card with a fun message is sure to help brighten their day!

Celebrate Everyday with Etched Glass Tumblers

With etchall® etching cream and a DecoArt® stencil you can easily transform everyday drinking glasses into something special.

Day of the Dead Earrings

Projects celebrating the Day of the Dead are growing in popularity! Wear these bright and colorful skull & rose earrings and you’ll be right in style.

Dyed Vellum Autumn Leaves

Creating beautiful shear vellum in a rainbow of custom colors is easy to do. This card features leaves stamped onto autumn shades and is perfect for a birthday or Thanksgiving greeting card.

Halloween Graveyard Bones

In this week's Simple Solution, Cindi Bisson creates spooky graveyard bones using Smoothfoam and DecoArt products.

Pumpkin Magnets

We're all guilty of it - collecting bits of this and that on our refrigerators! Photos, school projects, newspaper articles, appointment reminders…Why not create some seasonal magnets to hold it all in place?

Soot Background Technique

Soot backgrounds are perfect for a dusky sky background on your Halloween cards or scrapbook layouts. They also make for an unusual backdrop for any stamped image - by Cindi Bisson

Cow Country Table Runner

Our kitchen & dining room has a “farm animal” theme with cows, chickens and more as accents. This cow patterned felt from Kunin™ Group, combined with burlap fabric, made for the perfect table runner...

Burlap Pinecones and Acorns

Burlap, one of Cindi's favorite materials, is put to use fashioning adorable pinecones and acorns

A View of London Repurposed Window

Memories of a London visit are displayed in a repurposed window.

Cindi uses Resist Gel, Etchall Etching Cream and stencils to create a unique vase for summer flowers.

Metallic Touches Pendant

Black Makin’s Clay®, metal frames, texture sheets, rubber stamps and metallic inks in contrasting colors are combined to create a unique “metallic touches” pendant

Burlap Door Monogram

Cindi shares an idea for an eye-catching front door decoration with a bit of a rustic feel.

Country-Style Luau Mason Jars

Summer is here and it's time for backyard barbecues and parties! It's a perfect time for me to share these Country Style Luau Mason Jars I'm using to hold silverware and straws for our country style backyard luau!

Custom Rain Chain

Our yard & garden are really coming alive this year! Inspired by many options spied on Pinterest, I wanted to create a custom rain chain to add near our back porch and we are so happy with the finished result

Faux Succulent Wreaths

I have been pinning succulent wreaths on my Pinterest gardening board for months and when I found these great faux succulents on clearance at a chain craft store last fall, I knew I had to buy all they had and make myself one of these wreaths!

Shades of Orchid Bangle Bracelet

Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2014 and this piece melds together shades of pink and amethyst to create a bangle to perfectly accent your Radiant Orchid fashions.

Cherry Blossom Vase

Cindi creates an elegant frosted cherry blossom vase using Etchall and DecoArt

Flower Girl Necklace

Whether you choose an assortment of colors, or stick to a single color, this simple necklace made with miniature silk ribbon roses from a bargain bin at a local craft store, together with pearls, is a perfect delicate flower girl necklace for a spring wedding.

Simple Solution - Mini Heart Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

Cindi created this Mini Heart Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie just in time for Valentine’s Day

Simple Solution - Be Mine Valentine Key Ring

Connie Crystal pearls and crystals are paired with ICE Resin and mixed-media elements to create this “Be Mine” Valentine key ring (or, if you’d prefer - it could easily be adapted to a pendant!)

Simple Solution - Lost In The Moment Valentine Card

The recipient will melt in your arms receiving this “Lost In The Moment” Valentine Card

Simple Solution - Plaid Flannel Bluejay Ornament

Upcycled plaid flannel from an old shirt gets a new life as a primitive style bluejay ornament for your holiday tree.

Simple Solution - Rustic Twine Snowflake Ornament

These rustic twine balls with wooden snowflake accents would be a perfect addition to a old-fashioned or country style Christmas tree.

Simple Solution - Autumn Acorn Wall Art

Simple Solution - Fright Night Halloween Photo Book

This spooky little project is something I whipped up a while ago, but I thought it would be fun to share it with our WCK viewers.

Simple Solution - Rustic Sofa Pillow Re-Do

A trip to the local Goodwill Industries store can be like a treasure hunt. These thrift stores are full of items just waiting to be repurposed and given new life, at a fraction of the cost of buying materials new.

Simple Solution - Mosaic Makeover

This large pottery & metal sun has been hanging on the front of my garage for many years. The bright sunshine had faded the pottery so much it began to blend in with the siding itself and just didn’t have the same eye-catching effect as when it was new.

Simple Solution - Mixed Media Bracelet

When I found this quote by Helen Keller I wanted to incorporate it into a jewelry piece. When going through my stash of creative supplies I found the sunny yellow mosaic tiles and it all came together.

Simple Solution - Spring Flowers Party Garland

Colorful flowers and sparkling crystals help bring the feeling of springtime to your party decor. Create this custom garland in any length with just a few materials.

Baked Kale Chips

I'm always on the look out for new snacks and nibbles to make for myself or for friends when we're enjoying a glass of wine. After enjoying Brussel Sprout chips at a restaurant I was OBSESSED with making those for awhile.

Simple Solution - Quick Easter Paper Basket

Want to leave a little surprise for someone special but don’t have time to dash out to buy an Easter basket?

From The Kitchen - Beer-Braised Short Ribs

This weekend I had a little dinner party and I wanted something soulful- and easy to serve!

Simple Solution - Valentine Treasure Box

A mixed-media project featuring a heart shaped candy box decorated and repurposed into a keepsake treasure box. What better reason to stock up on chocolates this Valentine’s day - those boxes will come in handy afterwards!

Simple Solution: Quick & Easy Eyeglasses Case

Coats & Clark® Phoomph and Shannon Fabrics Cuddle fabric are paired for a simple, soft, funky glasses case you can make in about a half hour.

Simple Solution - Sheets as Fabric

Ever have one of those moments when you say “ah ha!” and then wonder why you never really thought of it before?

Simple Solution - Countdown to Christmas Nightshirt

Create a quick and easy Countdown to Christmas night shirt or t-shirt for a favorite little one

Simple Solution - Candy Corn Frame

I love creating custom dimensional embellishments for my scrapbook pages, or seasonal home accents for decorating our home for the holidays.

Simple Solution - Bloody Fingerprint Glasses

I love Halloween and the silly, mindless fun it brings to our world: spooky movies, complete with creepy costumes, make-up and sets

Simple Solution - Autumn Memory Frame

Clay, rubber stamps and other embellishments come together in this charming memory frame.