Caned Hearts Necklace

I’ve been experimenting with clay canes lately. I designed this necklace a while back as a Christmas/Birthday gift for a friend. I thought the design might work for a Valentine’s Day-themed piece. So I wentRead More →

Embossed Winter Christmas Card

I’m often inspired by the designers I work with. Cindi McGee’s unique jewelry…Joyce Hazan’s intricate papercrafts. This project is my take on Judi Watanabe’s adorable Untangled Tassel Card. Project Materials: JudiKins Rubberstamps String Tree RoxsRead More →

Steampunk Scarf Clasp

As a novice crafter, I try to use different materials as much as possible. Having become used to a certain air-dry clay, I was hesitant to try oven-bake, but circumstances dictated otherwise (My air-dry sourceRead More →

Stenciled Tropical Table Runner Hero

One of my fondest memories of my fraternal grandmother, Ruth Carr Pfeiffer, was being invited to her home to have lunch with her. I would get on my tricycle and peddle down the dirt roadRead More →