Are you the parent of a child with “screen addiction,” glued to their phone, iPad or computer all day long? Are you trying to figure out how to get them outside, playing in the yard or riding their bike with friends? You’re certainly not alone and Mario and the Aliens may just be your solution.

Mario and the Aliens go for a bike ride!
Mario and the Aliens go for a bike ride!

Mario is glued to his computer screen until he hears loud noises outside. He explores to find an alien spacecraft has landed in his backyard. The aliens within the craft emerge and want Mario to play with them. When Mario offers his computer, they reject the idea telling him they’ve seen enough computers. Mario then offers his bike…they all pile on and have a great time. The aliens’ parents summon them home, but before they leave, Mario asks them to come back and play again. This leads Mario to think up new adventures for his alien playmates’ future visits.

Illustrated beautifully by Tamypu and written simply so every young reader can fully understand the ideas set forth by Carolina Zanotti, Mario and the Aliens is best experienced by reading it with your child. The authors have included “conversation starters” for parents to discuss with their children.

Mario and the Aliens is a publication of Happy Fox Books, an imprint of Fox Chapel Publishing. It is scheduled for release in February and will be available online and in stores for $14.99 US and $18.99 CAN.

Reviewed by Scott Pfeiffer

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