Easy Patriotic Star Straw Toppers

Easy Star Straws: Patriotic Fun for Kids

 Kids love straw toppers (the truth is, even some “big kids”, ahem… think they are fun!). These super easy star straws are a simple craft to let the kids create when they arrive at your 4th of July barbeque. All you need are cardstock or heavy decorative papers in a variety of patriotic patterns & colors, a medium-sized star craft punch or die cutting machine and star die (or even star cookie cutters to be traced) and a small hole punch. 

If the kids attending the party are younger, you can pre-punch or die cut all the stars and just put them out and let the kids stack them onto fun red, white & blue straws. If they are old enough to work with a craft punch, trace and cut out, or even use the die cutting machine, let them explore their creativity and cut them for themselves.   

Easy Patriotic Star Straw Toppers how to
Easy Patriotic Star Straw Toppers How To

I used a Sizzix® star die for my stars. I also used two sizes of hole punches – as one set of the heavy duty plastic straws was smaller than the other and I didn’t want my stars to slip down into the beverages – you want them snug enough to stay put on the top section of the straws.

These stars were given a bit more “patriotic sparkle” because I used a variety of shimmering red & blue Rowlux® Illusion Film, Graphix® sparkling plastic film, and self adhesive shining faux rhinestone sheets from The Buckle Boutique (the last two were mounted to cardstock star bases since they are self-adhesive).

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