Lollipop Valentine Card

Lollipop Valentine Card

From Lollipop to Valentine Card

designed by Ana Araujo
Today’s project was inspired by a pin Ana saw on Pinterest from where she spray-painted candy hearts to make framed artwork and earrings. Ana thought, “I wonder if this will work with Valentine Lollipops?” So, here is Ana’s experience.

Lollipop Valentine Card Supplies


  • Sweet Tarts Lollipops
  • Gold spray paint
  • Gold paint pen
  • Blank card
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cardboard
  • White card stock
  • Scissors
Lollipop Valentine Card Steps 1-7

Lollipop Valentine Card Steps 1-7

  1. Pick out the lollipop with the saying you want
  2. Carefully break off the lollipop stick
  3. Cut a piece of card stock 1” x 1/2” and draw a “V” on edge of cardboard
  4. Cut out the “V” and glue it to the end of the lollipop stick
  5. Fold the card stock in half, cut at an angle off the top and bottom
  6. Snip into the card stock to create feather look
  7. Glue to lollipop stick

    Lollipop Valentine Card Step outs 8-9

    Lollipop Valentine Card Step outs 8-9

  8. Outside with gold spray paint the lollipop and sticks, let dry.
  9. Turn over the lollipop and put hot glue on the back

    Lollipop Valentine Card

    Lollipop Valentine Card Step Out 10

  10. Attach to center of card

    Lollipop Valentine Card 4

    Lollipop Valentine Card Step Outs 11 – 14

  11. Glue the feathered end of the lollipop stick so it looks like it is going through the heart
  12. Glue the point of the arrow as it is coming out of the heart
  13. Edge the card with gold paint pen
  14. Write your love note or Happy Valentine’s Day inside the card
The lollipop became sticky, so you need to spray paint in as soon as you take it out of the warper. It has been raining nonstop here in Northern California, so the moisture in the air and maybe the cause of that. But once it was sprayed it solved that problem. You could also make a pin by glue a pin back on the heart (but I would spay paint that side, too)

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