Creepy Cocktail Martini Glass

Creepy Cocktail Martini Glass

Designed by Cindi McGee – Behind These Eyes™
I had a little spooky fun this week with etchall® Creme & DecoArt® glass paints! Add your favorite blood red martini and a chocolate eyeball accent and you’re ready to enjoy your creepy evening!

Fill Designer Tip Kit bottle with etchall® Creme. Add detailing tip and draw spiderweb on outside of glass. Let set 15 minutes, then wash to clean (etchall® is re-usable, however, when I work with this small amount I simply wash it clean).

Creepy Cocktail How 1

Begin drawing your web with horizontal lines.

Creepy Cocktail How 2

Connect the horizontal lines with vertical lines to make the web.

Use fine paintbrush to paint spider in bottom of glass with black Crystal Gloss Enamels™ paint.  
Creepy Cocktail How 3

Paint your creepy surprise in the bottom of the glass.

Hold the glass on it’s side. Add a few drops of red Crystal Gloss Enamels paint  to outside top edge. Stand glass up and let the red enamel drip down the glass like blood. If your “blood” does not “drip” on to the base of the glass, add a few drops of red enamel there also.
Creepy Cocktail How 4

Add drops of paint just on one side so you don’t distort the web image.

Creepy Cocktail How 5

Paint will drip and spread when you turn the glass vertical.

Creepy Cocktail How 6

Add a few drops of blood to the base if desired.

Heat set the glass paint by following the manufacturer instructions.
For your chocolate eyeball embellishment, carefully cut a slit into the base of a chocolate eyeball candy and gently press onto edge of glass.  
Creepy Cocktail How 7

Be careful not to cut the eyeball all the way through (UGH!)

Creepy Cocktail (Filled)

Creepy Bottoms Up! 

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  1. Patricia Krauchune - October 8, 2016 Reply

    Now that is so freaking cool!

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