Octopus Pendant 2

Cindi’s Simple Solutions – Pink Octopus Pendant

Pink Octopus Pendant

Designed by Cindi McGee – Behind These Eyes™
  1. Place white Makin’s Clay in Octopus mold. Use fingers to remove any excess clay and smooth clay into borders of mold. Smooth back of clay. Remove molded pendant and smooth side edges with fingers while clay is still fresh. Let dry for about an hour.OctopusPendantHOW123
  2. Color octopus with Taffy pink Smooch ink. Color area around octopus and sides of oval with Pool and Frosted Aqua Smooch ink. Let ink dry. Paint back with Pool and Frosted Aqua Smooch ink. Let dry.Octopus Pendant HOW 456
  3. Carefully make small hole with a needle at top of pendant for jump ring. Let dry 24 hours. Octopus Pendant HOW 7
  4. Apply Diamond Glaze over entire pendant (front and sides.) Let dry. Apply Diamond Glaze to back of pendant. Let dry.Octopus Pendant HOW 7a
  5. Cut jewelry wire to desired length for pendant. Place glass beads in Tidy Tray, bead entire length of wire with clear and pale blue beads in a random pattern. Add jewelry closure. 
  6. Add jump ring to pendant. Attach to center of beaded necklace.Octopus Pendant HOW 89Octopus Pendant 10

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