Golden Pineapple Floral Centerpiece

Designed by Ana Araujo

It’s summer party time! I saw golden pineapples all over Pinterest and wanted to create a floral centerpiece using a golden pineapple for a party. The following is how I created the centerpiece using a real pineapple, gold spray paint, flowers and supplies from the Dollar Tree store.

Golden Pineapple SuppliesSupplies:

  • Dollar Tree
    • Foam Floral Ring
    • Pink Bowl
    • Water Tray
  • Other supplies:
    • Skewer
    • Scissors
    • Gold spray paint
    • Spray mask
  • Costco:
    • Pineapple
    • Spider Mums
    • Other summer flowers



  1. With scissors, carve around one edge of foam ring to help it fit in the bowl.golden-pineapple-how-2
  2. Place ring in bowl, put water tray in center (this will help protect the pineapple).golden-pineapple-how-3
  3. Holding the top of the pineapple, spray it with gold spray paint, turning the pineapple to cover on all sides (you should use a spray mask).
  4. Place pineapple in the water tray in the center of the bowl.golden-pineapple-how-4
  5. Polk holes in foam with skewer for easier flower placement.golden-pineapple-how-5
  6. Polk holes all away around the foam in a repeating pattern.golden-pineapple-how-6
  7. Start with 4 spider mums (leave the hoods on until latter), add water.golden-pineapple-how-7
  8. Place them across from each other.golden-pineapple-how-8
  9. You will need 12 rose, cut stems short.golden-pineapple-how-9
  10. Place 3 roses in between each spider mum.golden-pineapple-how-11
  11. Now add colorful daisy, 3 in front of pineapple.
  12. Add  2 daisies  in between roses, add more water as needed.golden-pineapple-how-12
  13. Now pull the hoods off the spider mums (I always love doing this and watching them spring open) they will fill in the arrangement.

golden-pineapple-heroThere you have it the perfect golden pineapple floral centerpiece for a summer party!!