I recently discovered a new creative outlet – gelatin printing. I admit, I often wondered how people got those really interesting backgrounds, with blended colors and patterns, etc. for collage style art. Now I know…. gel printing. It’s easier than you think – and the sky is the limit when it comes to the creative options. Print on paper, wood, fabric, glass, polymer clay…use your prints for collage art, mixed-media projects, scrapbooking, card making, even paper beads. Today I’m sharing a quick tutorial on the basics – and a few projects to inspire you to give it a try!

Full instructions for my projects are available through my blog – and you can find out more about the other sample projects I’m sharing on the Gel Press™ blog. 



Gel Press Printing How 1
Gel Press Printing How 1

Apply a few drops of assorted colors of paints  to your 6″ x 6” Gel Press plate (the plates come in many sizes and shapes). I used Americana Acrylic & Multi-Surface Satin paints for this print, but I’ve also had great success with Chalky Finish Paint, and you can use many other types of paints and colorants….

LIGHTLY brayer to blend colors.

Gel Press Printing How 2
Gel Press Printing How 2

At this point, you can choose to just place paper over the plate and press to transfer the color from the plate to the paper. But, to add more interest, it’s fun to add stencils or other items like natural grasses, die cut shapes, etc. to “mask” some areas. Or, you can even stamp the plate with un-inked rubber stamps and it will lift the paint for a unique effect!

Gel Press Printing How 3
Gel Press Printing How 3

I placed a KITE stencil over the plate, then I began pulling prints. The first print has the blended paint printed through the stencil. I then removed the stencil, and placed the paper over the plate again to pull the second print. There was still a light amount of paint on the Gel Press plate, so I pulled a third print. And there you have it – one application of paint – three different effects – all pretty and all just waiting to be used on a creative project. From there, let your imagination soar – rubber stamp, draw, or stencil over the background print for even more detail.

Gel Press Printing Letter
This monogram letter was created with the same paints and stencil, on a larger Gel Press plate – I printed directly onto the letter.
Gel Press Printing Examples
Here are several examples of gel print art on canvas, glass, fabric, and more, by a variety of artists.
Gel Press Printing Examples 2

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