Give Me Glitter: Seahorse Shell Necklace

Seahorse Shell Necklace Cover

Give Me Glitter

Seahorse Shell Necklace

Designed by Ana Araujo

On one of Ana’s walks on the beach she found this smooth shell and thought it would be perfect for a pendant. As she was hunting through all of her beading treasures, she found this ceramic seahorse she purchased years ago. It was the perfect match for the shell.┬áSimple and beautiful!

Seahorse Shell Necklace


  • Seahorse focal
  • Seashell
  • Beading wire
  • Swarovski crystals (6)
  • Bail mount
  • Beacon Adhesives (
    • 527 Adhesive
  • Jewelry cutter


  1. Glue ceramic seahorse to center of shell
  2. Place wire through hole on seahorse, add 3 Swarovski crystals to each side of wire
  3. Turn shell over, crisscross wire locking it it
  4. Wrap wire a couple of time on edge, clip wire, repeat on other side
  5. Glue the bail to the back top of the shell, very important to let dry 24 hours (use blue painters to keep it in place)

Seahorse Shell Necklace Step Out

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