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Lucky Leprechaun Lure

Designed by Cindi McGee – Behind These Eyes™
St. Patrick’s Day is approaching and that means Leprechauns are up their mischief! When I was a little girl, my grandfather, Poppy King, taught me how to make a Leprechaun trap out in our yard to try to catch a Leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day. We dug a hole and covered it with sticks, grass and leaves to disguise it. He told me if the Leprechaun fell into the trap and could not escape, he had to tell you where his pot of gold was hidden! If he escaped, he had to leave us pennies in the hole because we were clever enough to catch him to begin with. Every hear I tried to catch one, and they always did fall for my cleverly disguised traps, but the sneaky little buggers kept escaping. But they did always leave coins in the trap!   
Fast forward until my own boys were old enough to build Leprechaun traps and continue the tradition started by my Poppy King. But being boys, and being very creative and clever, they took it to the next level – big time. They spent hours planning their traps, building them with cardboard boxes, sticks, string, trap doors and booby traps. They set them up in their rooms instead of outside.  Each St. Patrick’s Day morning they would awaken and run to see if they had trapped one. They always DID manage to catch a couple, but again, the tricky little buggers escaped leaving them pennies. It was a fun tradition to pass on to them and eventually they can pass on to their children. But this time, I’m going to show them how to up their chances with a special secret weapon – Lucky Leprechaun Lure! Sprinkle a few of these special green lures around the trap and you are sure to increase your chances to lead a Leprechaun or two to your trap – and who knows,  maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have one NOT escape and then you’ll find out where his pot of gold is hidden! And after you’ve found out if you’ve caught one or not, you can eat the rest of the treats yourself! 
  • Green glass bottle 
  • etchall® (
    • Creme 
    • etchmask™
  • DecoArt®  (
    • Americana® Reusable Stick-On Stencils
      • Knock Out Alpha
    • Glass Paint Markers™
      • Gold
  • Sizzix® (
    • Big Shot™ Machine 
    • Bigz Dies
      • Butterfly
      • Flower
      • Leaf
      • Shamrock 
  • Small green candies 
  1. Use Big Shot and die to cut out shamrock from etchmask. Apply to bottle. 
  2. Use stencils to spell out LUCKY LEPRECHAUN LURE on bottleLucky Leprechaun Lure HOW 1
  3. Apply etchall creme to stencils – I find it easiest to use the  Designer Tip Kit to apply a controlled amount of etchall to each open area, but you can also apply with the spatula tool. Let set 15 minutes, return cream to the bottle for re-use and wash to clean. Let dry.Lucky Leprechaun Lure HOW 2
  4. Add decorative accents with gold Glass Paint Marker.Lucky Leprechaun Lure HOW 3
  5. I added a stamped tag with the instructions on the back, tied with baker’s twine –The night before St. Patrick’s Day dig a hole and cover it with sticks, grass & leaves….. or build a trap inside with any materials you choose – use your imagination!  Sprinkle a few of your Lucky Leprechaun Lures for some added luck…Check your trap on St. Patrick’s Day morning, if you caught a Leprechaun and he’s still in your trap – he has to tell you where he hid is pot of gold!  If you caught him, but he escaped, he will reward you with pennies to pay you for building such a clever trap to catch him! Lucky Leprechaun Lure HOW 4
  6. Fill with green M&M® candies, green Skittles®, or any small green candy. Sprinkle a few around the trap the night before St. Patrick’s Day and cross your fingers (hey, we can all use a little extra LUCK, right?)  :0)Lucky Leprechaun Lure HOW 5


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